General Liability vs. Public Liability Insurance

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It is generally accepted that business owners need liability insurance, but what type of liability insurance should they get? That depends on what type of business it is. The size of the business, the service it provides, its assets and its location are some of the factors that need to be taken into account when buying CA liability insurance.
Business owners may typically have to choose between public liability insurance and general liability insurance. Public liability insurance, like its name suggests, helps protect businesses against claims made by members of the public. This is a very important coverage for businesses that deal directly with the public, such as retail outlets or restaurants. Public liability insurance helps provide financial coverage if a member of the public is injured on your business site, or if a customer’s property is damaged.

General liability insurance is an all-encompassing form of coverage that includes public liability insurance, but also helps protect against the costs of claims coming from employees, investors or other stakeholders in the business. General liability is more expensive than public liability because it covers business operators for more.

Deciding on whether to get public liability or general liability can be difficult, so it can be helpful to speak to an agent for advice. Either way, all CA business owners should have enough CA liability insurance to protect them from any unexpected incidents that could impair their business.

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